The Best FREE WordPress Notification Bar

Having played with several free WordPress notification bars over the past week, by far my favorite is WPFront’s Notification Bar. I was looking for something that:

  1. Worked right out of the gate
  2. Allowed control of the basics, including link color
  3. Was free, but with no branding
  4. Looked good; sleek

WPFront’s bar met all these criteria! Here it is on our main site:


What I like most is the default setting is to really hug the content, so there’s no fat. The last thing you want is a fat bar that takes up more room than is necessary. You can control the height of it, but I found the default setting perfect. And it lets you easily change the link color, which is necessary for our site, as we have a light background for the site, but a dark background for the bar. If it uses the site’s default link color – which some plugins do – then we’ve got a problem.

Here are the basic color settings (there are more advanced options, and you can add your own CSS, but these adequately cover the essentials).


If you’re looking for an alternative to the popular (but flawed) HelloBar, give WPFront Notification Bar a look!

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