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Welcome to our atheist themed blog, from the minds of AtheistCards.com! Here we’ll post our thoughts and rants periodically (how often is yet to be seen) as they pertain to religion and general lunacy. We invite any reader – religious and non alike – to join the discussion through the comments. Every comment will be…Continue Reading

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On Free Speech, This Pope is a DOPE!

I was surprised when a friend told me Pope Francis basically condoned the Charlie Hebdo attacks. (This was in response to me saying, “as far as Pope’s go, Francis is pretty good.” A sentiment I’ll try to avoid in the future.) I looked up exactly what The Pope had said: If my good friend Dr Gasparri says a…Continue Reading

“We’re not ALL like that!” say peaceful Muslims…

I’m tired of hearing that the majority of Muslims are peace-loving and that they are not like the radical Islamic terrorists. In true fact, the only difference between so-called peaceful Muslims and the radical Muslim terrorists, is that the violent actions of the radical Muslims are more sensationalistic and theatrical, and are waged against civilized people within civilized countries, not against Muslims within Muslim communities. But to be…Continue Reading

My parody of the Charlie Hebdo cover

Like many of us, I was anxious to see the first cover design by the surviving artists at Charlie Hebdo. Here it is… “All is Forgiven” is the main message! And a sobbing Muslim holds a sign saying “I am Charlie”. First of all, the cowardly slaughter of journalists and artists for expressing their point of view is…Continue Reading

They’re Not Real Muslims

Howard Dean is a fool. He was on Morning Joe talking about the Paris attacks and started by saying: “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am.” Watch for yourself: He also make the outrageous statement that ISIS is not Islamic! What is it with these intelligent people (often liberals,…Continue Reading