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The Best FREE WordPress Notification Bar

Having played with several free WordPress notification bars over the past week, by far my favorite is WPFront’s Notification Bar. I was looking for something that:

  1. Worked right out of the gate
  2. Allowed control of the basics, including link color
  3. Was free, but with no branding
  4. Looked good; sleek

WPFront’s bar met all these criteria! Here it is on our main site:


What I like most is the default setting is to really hug the content, so there’s no fat. The last thing you want is a fat bar that takes up more room than is necessary. You can control the height of it, but I found the default setting perfect. And it lets you easily change the link color, which is necessary for our site, as we have a light background for the site, but a dark background for the bar. If it uses the site’s default link color – which some plugins do – then we’ve got a problem.

Here are the basic color settings (there are more advanced options, and you can add your own CSS, but these adequately cover the essentials).


If you’re looking for an alternative to the popular (but flawed) HelloBar, give WPFront Notification Bar a look!

Celebrate Atheism EVERY Month with our 2016 “Smite Me” Atheist Calendar!

Starting last year, we’ve published a calendar featuring twelve of our favorite atheist artworks. It’s printed and sold buy RedBubble, and having ordered several last year, we can attest to the extraordinary print quality! Trust us, these things are heavy duty, with lovely glossy pages, and rich colors that POP! It’s the perfect product to…Continue Reading

A New Atheist Logo?

There’s a new attempt at designing the perfect atheist logo. So is it any good? You decide: Atheism is a hard thing to represent in a logo or symbol: the absence of supernatural belief. Probably the best known “atheist logo”, or symbol, is from American Atheists. But the designer who contacted me felt everything else fell short, and…Continue Reading

Beautiful Mugs Every Atheist Should Own!

Gulping coffee down from one of my atheist mugs is a highlight of any day. I wanted to show you some of my favorite mugs for atheists, all designed by the inimitable Andy, chief graphic artist at Some I own, and I hope to receive more at future Christmases (isn’t that some irony)! Mugs featured are from RedBubble: an…Continue Reading

The Papal Cat

This is Boots. She is 20 years old, grey, and howls when she wants something. She’s also infallible. My uncle upon seeing the photo said “she really is CATolic!”. HA!Continue Reading

Anti ISIS T-Shirts

ISIS: a group of asshole thugs who enjoy murdering, raping, and torturing people. And it’s all sanctioned by their fake god! Yay! Easily the worst people currently on planet Earth (sorry Fox News). To show your hate-on for ISIS, maybe buy one of our anti-ISIS shirts (the designs are also available on mugs, pillows, and other…Continue Reading

On Free Speech, This Pope is a DOPE!

I was surprised when a friend told me Pope Francis basically condoned the Charlie Hebdo attacks. (This was in response to me saying, “as far as Pope’s go, Francis is pretty good.” A sentiment I’ll try to avoid in the future.) I looked up exactly what The Pope had said: If my good friend Dr Gasparri says a…Continue Reading

They’re Not Real Muslims

Howard Dean is a fool. He was on Morning Joe talking about the Paris attacks and started by saying: “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am.” Watch for yourself: He also make the outrageous statement that ISIS is not Islamic! What is it with these intelligent people (often liberals,…Continue Reading