A New Atheist Logo?

There’s a new attempt at designing the perfect atheist logo. So is it any good? You decide:


Atheism is a hard thing to represent in a logo or symbol: the absence of supernatural belief. Probably the best known “atheist logo”, or symbol, is from American Atheists. But the designer who contacted me felt everything else fell short, and so this is his try. He emailed me a PDF which includes the logo and a thorough explanation of all the symbolism found in the graphic. I think right there, the logo fails. It shouldn’t need an explanation sheet! I do like that it’s licensed under creative commons, so you’re free to use it in its original form as you please (even for profit).

(Update: the designer contacted me after I posted this noting that the American Atheists also feel the need to explain their logo’s symbolism, which they do on the page I linked to. He also provided two additional designs which can be viewed here and here.)

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Leave your comments!

One Response to A New Atheist Logo?

  1. This “logo” is so terrible, it’s not worth discussing.
    (It’s so sad when amateurs attempt to be graphic designers.)

    -Andy Stout
    graphic designer

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